Skin to Soul is a Latinx own brand from South Los Angeles, Ca. Skin to Soul focuses on brining essential skincare created to promote natural ways of producing symptoms of wellbeing and influences of good emotions through self-care and mental health awareness.


Stephany Medina is the Jefa of Skin to Soul and her mission is to destigmatize mental health through self-love and self-care using holistic approaches while bringing all natural healing concoctions to communities. Skin to Soul was created in the summer of 2018 after Stephany was hospitalized for mental health and diagnosed with PMDD. During her stay she was taking medications that made her feel worse and after a lot of researching and studying she learned that what we put in our bodies affect our brain chemistry more so people with a mental health diagnosis.


She then started her online herbalism studies and working on making natural products to help her heal emotionally while taking that private moment to reflect mentally leading her to want to share self-love to her community and everyone around. Reuben, her life partner and assisting chemist, plays a noble part in Skin To Soul. Together they work to help make a difference in the community, environment, skin and soul!